Red Hat

imagesOpenWorks is Red Hat’s Ready Business Partner.
Red Hat’s Open Source¬†strategy offers its customers a long term plan for building infrastructures that are based on Open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management.

With Red Hat, OpenWorks make sure that your deployment is a success
Subscription based pricing model

  • Per system annual subscription basis
  • No Client Access Licenses
  • No support incident limits
  • No unbudgeted upgrade costs
  • No hidden charges
  • Each subscription provides product access, source/binary codes and documentation

Red Hat Network

  • Regular updates provide general enhancements, new features and additional hardware support
  • Access to latest bug fixes and updates
  • Access to Red Hat automated software delivery and update capabilities
  • Additional Red Hat Network modules provide enhanced systems management capabilities for enterprise deployments

Upgrades and Flexibility

  • Rights to new versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that are released during the subscription lifetime
  • Deploy any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux release.


  • Multiple support services providing unlimited incidents and coverage up to 24×7 with 1 hour response
  • The user-mode and kernel-mode application interfaces for each Red Hat Enterprise Linux release are guaranteed to be kept stable for the life of the product.

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