klevuKLEVU Commerce Search provides the cloud hosted commerce search service. It uses the highly secure   and redundant web service like AJAX. You just need to submit your data and empower your search box with KLEVU cloud service and you will start receiving auto suggestion and results right on your web store. User search on your web store and these searches are sent to KLEVU cloud service through AJAX call. KLEVU processes the search with different features like:

  • Auto Suggestion
  • Synonym Search,
  • Inflection Search,
  • Semantic Category Search etc.

Once the search term processed with KLEVU’s features, your web store receives the search results.

OpenWorks KLEVU Solutions include

  • Rich insights are available on your own store’s search box. Have comprehensive insights from where and when they are searched on your store. See them all in easy-to-understand graphs!
  • Do focused and targeted campaigns. Learn from searched terms; use the gained knowledge in improvising your marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Knowing early is good. Data freshness is almost instant. It means you know about searched terms early enough to react and make your campaigns bringing real business value for you.

What OpenWorks & KLEVU can do for you?

  • Reduced marketing and advertising costs. Rich insights into what, where and when of searched terms will help you shape your campaigns more focused, resulting in no more spending on non-value adding campaigns.
  • Turn your business. Search box on your store has loads of valuable information generated by shoppers’ interactions with it. Capturing it, and early enough, will help you turn insights into business.
  • Super easy & Free. Version can be set up by clicking on Install now, filling up a short sign up form and clicking activate.